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AMLex365 is an expert anti-money laundering software solution. Its purpose is to identify, assess and evaluate the AML risks of your customers 365 days a year.

AMLex365 is the most sophisticated and comprehensive online and web-based solution in the market today. It is an one-stop shop that embraces KYC profiling and CDD management, customer risk assessment, transaction monitoring, group structure and overall reporting, in an all-inclusive solution without any extra costs. It is built with the highest levels of technical and AML expertise, that fulfils all compliance regulatory requirements.

The system's multi-user platform identifies money-laundering risk across different types of organisations and industries and allows enterprises to determine the risk level of their customers in the most sophisticated way by using a weighted average methodology in accordance with regulators requirements. This makes the solution a critical tool for Compliance Officers, ensuring they can effectively comply with day to day AML requirements.

AMLex365 is the only tool in the market which is ISO 27001 compliant, offering the highest levels of customer data security in a batch processing mode.

The AMLex365 solution comes in two versions:


The AMLex365 online version, is suitable for small to medium size enterprises with a relatively small number of clientele, that are looking for a cost efficient, easy to use, straightforward and no hassle related system, that will execute even the most strenuous regulatory requirements in the simplest possible way. It is one stop shop solution that embraces KYC profiling and CDD management, customer risk assessment, transaction monitoring, group structure and overall reporting, including statistical information as well as reports required by various regulators.

The pricing includes an annual licence which can be purchased online.

AMLex365 PRO

The AMLex365 PRO version has the same features as above, but is suitable for larger enterprises with a large number of clientele and a large number of transactions. Clients requiring this system are those that require a robust system installed in their own Network, on physical servers or Microsoft Azure or any other chosen cloud server and integrated with their existing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or other internal systems via API technology. The PRO version due to its unique characteristics and capabilities can be connected with:

  • any client database screening system
  • electronic identification and verification system, or
  • any other system that possesses API technology and capabilities

The pricing includes an annual licence, maintenance fee and installation fee. This is a robust one-stop shop solution that can offer the highest technological specifications, built-in with the highest level of efficiency through automation, and the highest level of security. It can be bridged with any third-party software via API technology, to transfer customer profile data as well as transactional data.

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About US

AMLex Solutions Ltd, is a leading RegTech provider of software solutions. Over the past two decades our expert professional team has developed a number of leading-edge software solutions and served a number of well-known clients in our market. As a team, our mission was to solve AML requirements and combat financial crime!

AMLex was born out of a pure need to satisfy our mission, manage the complex responsibilities of AMLCOs and fulfil AML Requirements of Regulators and Crime Investigators in Europe and around the Globe.

Whilst in the process of analysing existing tools it became apparent that they all had the same issues; they were built for another primary purpose and the AML functionality requirements were added as an add-on, more of an afterthought rather than a complete solution.

These features were often too complex and hard-to-use, difficult to integrate despite the developer's promises, and were very poor at providing the relevant alerts and reports.

What have we done

The importance of addressing the above issues ultimately led our team of software development professionals to team up with a known big four Leading Accounting and Consulting Firm, with a well-known and recognised AML expertise, experience and knowledge, for the creation of a tool that would add real value to our brand and Financial Businesses around the World.

There was a need for the creation of a tool that would simply do 'AML risk Assessment' and 'Transaction Monitoring' and be suited for every type of industry ranging from Financial and Credit Institutions to Gambling and Gaming Providers.

The superb teaming of expert, highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals led to the creation of an innovative, comprehensive, sophisticated and leading-edge RegTech software, named 'AMLex365' solution. The name was born to exactly address its expertise, 'Anti-Money Laundering expert software solution to address and mitigate AML risks 365 days a year'.

Our team of experts is passionalte about delivering outstanding customer service . Our objective is to ensure that our technology stays one step ahead of key trends in customer experience, helping our clients to comply with their regulatory requirements in the most advance way.

A solution built out of AMLCOs needs for their needs!


Where we are going

While we are proud of the success we have achieved up until now, we know that the AML scene is a dynamic scene that is continuously evolving! Regulatory Requirements are not only here to stay but they increase year by year.

Our team of dedicated professionals both from the technical and advisory sides will be listening to your evolving needs and will have the same burning ambition to continue solving financial crime and on-going AML requirements as they did when we first started.

To achieve this vision, we are continuously listening to regulators around the globe, hiring developers, and collaborating with leading financial crime professionals and industry experts to push the boundaries of financial crime-fighting technology, but especially we are listening to your needs and requirements!

We are a dedicated team of professionals that are available 24/7 to respond to your needs, listen to your enquiries and resolve your issues 365 days a year!

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KYC Profiling, Customer Due Diligence (CDD)

Within the AML Risk assessment Tool, the KYC profiling tool allows you to create the customer profile(Customer Management) and based on the characteristics of the customer you proceed to risk assess. Once the risk classification is set you assign the type of Customer Due Diligence based on the Risk Level assigned to your Customer.

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AML Risk Assessment Tool

The sophisticated risk assessment and scoring tool is used to identify and assess the AML Risk of your customers based on the customer’s profile, risk factors and weighted parameters using

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Group Structure Management Tool

In order to understand the relationships between the entities in a group structure, it is necessary to obtain a hierarchy that shows the parent, subsidiaries or related entities for each client entity in a structure.

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Transaction Monitoring Tool

The tool is built with online transaction monitoring process, which alerts the compliance officer of all out of norm, non-expected, non-ordinary or complex or unusual transactions which do not comply with the economic or known overall profile of the customer.

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Reporting Capabilities

The system has a number of advance reporting capabilities producing a numerous number of reports to fulfil the Compliance Officer, Executive Board, Regulator and Investigator requirements

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Document Management Tool

Using the Document Management Tool and based on the type of Entity (e.g private entity, public entity, fund, trust etc), the risk level and type of due diligence (e.g. NDD, SDD or EDD) the system will determine the documents that you need to collect to enable a complete Due Diligence process.

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