KYC Profiling, Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Document Management Tool

Create your Customer KYC Profile including:

  • A detailed Economic Profile of your Customers
  • Description of the customer activities
  • Description Source of Funds & Source of Wealth
  • Identification of PEPs including immediate families and close associates
  • Actual and Anticipated financial activity

In accordance with the risk classification level of each customer, you may use the Customer Due Diligence (CDD) management tool to manage the documentation to be collected for the customer.

This tool allows for the creation of the Customer Profile and collection of documents in accordance with:

  • the type of organisation (e.g. a private entity, a fund, a trust, a Public Interest Entity etc)
  • the risk level classification (Low, Medium or High) and
  • the type of Due Diligence to be used (Normal Due Diligence (NDD), Simplified Due Diligence (SDD) or Enhanced Customer Due Diligence (EDD))

This AML risk assessment tool complements the functionality of this tool hence once the risk is assessed the Customer Due Diligence will be determined and the documents will be collected accordingly.

AML Risk Assessment Tool

The sophisticated risk assessment and scoring tool is used to identify and assess the AML Risk of your customers based on the customer’s profile, risk factors and weighted parameters using

  • Quantitative and Qualitative criteria,
  • Customisable risk factors (such as customer risk, country risk, product/service risk, industry risk and delivery channel risk),
  • Apply weight allocation to all your risk factors and parameters,
  • Produce risk-scoring matrices.
  • Assess risk as low, medium, high and very high with associated scoring
  • Indication of next review date based on the level of risk
  • Batch processing and risk assessment of bulk customer data
  • Determination of Customer Due Diligence to be used based on the Risk Classification
  • Automatically assess PEPs as high risk
  • Approval by the Compliance Officer and Senior Management using an electronic signature
  • Adaptable workflows for exchange of information between users, shows warning notifications on the dashboard and send email notifications to notify of approved cases by Compliance Officer or Senior Management
  • A variety of risk assessment reports

Transaction Monitoring Tool

The tool is built with online transaction monitoring process, which alerts the compliance officer of all out of norm, non-expected, non-ordinary or complex or unusual transactions which do not comply with the economic or known overall profile of the customer.

AMLex365 is a fully flexible system that can accommodate and comply with requested pre-requisites and in-house requirements of every company. The system is capable of talking to any other system that has the API capability.

The system is capable of

  • Monitoring transactions in real time by applying filters and built in scenarios
  • Monitoring transactions comparing data to the built-in customers’ economic profile
  • Monitoring transactions compared to actual and anticipated financial information
  • Monitoring transactions based on anticipated incoming and outgoing amounts of transactions
  • Detecting suspicious transactions that are unusual, out of norm and not in line with the customer’s economic profile to enable reporting to the FIU
  • Provide warnings and alerts for unusual or suspicious transactions that are not in line with the pre-determined parameters set in the system

Group Structure Management Tool

In order to understand the relationships between the entities in a group structure, it is necessary to obtain a hierarchy that shows the parent, subsidiaries or related entities for each client entity in a structure. The tool enables group structure management by:

  • Interconnecting entities of the same group
  • Build the group structure of a client entity and related entities within the group even when these entities are not your own clients.
  • Create non-client entities outside the AML risk assessment system
  • Determination of roles of individuals such as ultimate beneficial owners, shareholders, directors, authorised persons and relate them to client and non-client entities

The system will allow for the identification and built up of relationships leading to the Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs).

It will further allow for the identification of positions of individuals, such as shareholders and directors in a number of client and non-client entities.

Reporting Capabilities

The system has a number of advance reporting capabilities producing a numerous number of reports to fulfil the Compliance Officer, Executive Board, Regulator and Investigator requirements such as follows:

  • Presentation of KYC Profile Reports and Risk Assessment Reports indicating the main risk indicators resulting in the scoring and level of risk.
  • Transaction monitoring reports useful for any compliance officer Presentation of statistical information, and various reports as requested by regulators
  • A number of risk assessment reports to assist the compliance officer to fulfil his/her duties
  • Other customised reports may be created upon requirement to deliver a comprehensive money laundering risk profile to fulfil investigator, regulator, board member and stakeholder requirements.
  • Other customer specific reports


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