AMLex365 key and unique features:

  1. Web based application in two versions for Small to Medium Enterprises and Medium to Large Enterprises
  2. A fully parameterized system
  3. Adaptable workflows
  4. Assign roles and access rights per user group
  5. Application Programming Interface (API) technology capabilities
  6. Batch Processing Mode
  7. Compliant with Strictest Regulatory Requirements
  8. Cost competitive, accessible and Easy to Use
  9. One-stop shop solution
  10. Regulatory Reports


1.    Web based application in two versions for Small to Medium Enterprises and Medium to Large Enterprises

  • A web-based software in two versions:
    • AMLex 365 is an online solution, suitable for Small to Medium enterprises that would like to avoid the extra maintenance costs of purchasing and maintaining servers or
    • AMLex365 PRO installed on a client’s own physical servers or Microsoft Azure or any other chosen cloud server, for Medium to Large enterprises that would like to have the system on their internal networks.
  • Both versions can be integrated with other existing CRM, screening, or payment systems for transaction monitoring, if third party systems have API capabilities.

2.    A fully parameterized system

  • A fully customized and configurable tool, which is easy to edit and customise any primary or secondary risk factors or parameters of the system, according to the risk appetite of each organization, with adjustable weights per individual or organisation.
  • Upon registration, you select the type of industry of your entity on the system and the system displays the necessary parameters according to the type of industry it operates. However, it allows all related industry specific parameters to be edited or additional parameters to be added.
  • The parametrisation functionality is in the hands of the Compliance Officer. It is very easy to customize, edit or add any information/factors by the Compliance Officer, removing costly and time-consuming processes that involve developers.

3.    Adaptable workflows

  •  It has adaptable workflows to enable the exchange of information between users, shows warning notifications on the dashboard and sends email notifications.

4.    Assign roles and access rights per user group

  • The system is capable of defining roles and levels of authorisation, creating groups and assigning users to each group. Further you may assign roles and access rights to each user group;

5.     Embed an Application Programming Interface (API) technology

  • AMLex365 can be tapped/integrated with any existing and or new systems, via the API technology.
  • It has the ability to be integrated with background screening platforms for screening of PEPs, sanctioned individual or entities, obtaining adverse media information, derogatory information and allegations - a key component to facilitate effective ongoing monitoring of clientele.

6.    Batch Processing Mode

  • It can retrieve information in a batch processing mode and risk assess all clientele retrieved from a CRM system upon introduction to the system on a batch processing mode, using the data kept on existing CRM systems. After initial assessment each organisation may determine the timing to reassess the clientele according to the risk level they exhibit (e.g high risk customers annually), either on a batch mode or on one-to one basis.
  • It can retrieve transactions/payments in real time from a payment system or any other software used for payments or online transactions.

7.    Compliant with Strictest Regulatory Requirements

  •  Complies with the latest regulatory requirements of the 4th and 5th EU Directives, other Middle East Regulatory Requirements and Global Regulatory Requirements.

8.    Cost competitive, accessible and Easy to Use

  • It has a cost competitive pricing which can be scaled according to the size of the clientele
  • Very easy to use and user friendly
  • An efficient system enabling users to access the system from anywhere, at any given time of the day using a pc, a tablet, a phone etc;

9.    One-stop shop solution

  •  A one-stop shop solution, being the only system in the market, that encapsulates a number of tools that all together comprise an all-inclusive integrated dynamic AML solution for risk assessment, KYC profiling, customer due diligence (CDD) and document management, group structure visualization, transaction monitoring, and reporting, all at one inclusive price.

10.    Regulatory Reports

  • The only system in the market available with ready-made reports that fulfil the latest regulatory requirements of the various Regulators around the Globe.

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