The AMLEX365 version is a web-based online software that is suitable for Small to Medium size Enterprises, that would like to avoid the extra maintenance costs of purchasing and maintaining servers. The software is accessible from everywhere either via a WIFI or a broadband cellular network technology of 3G, 4G or 5G, using either a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, at any time of the day or night.

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To see the features of the system please try the free trial. If you are happy and would like to purchase this system please register online and purchase the subscription through the available tool. A step by step guide of how to use the system is available once you register. A demo video is also available on the AMLex Website.

AMLex365 PRO

The AMLex365 PRO version has the same features as the AMLex365 version but this is suitable for Medium to Large size Enterprises or for those enterprises that require a robust system installed in their own physical servers or Microsoft Azure Environment or any other chosen cloud server.

The system can be embedded within each enterprise’s network and integrated with an existing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system or any system via API technology such as a database screening system, payment system, electronic identification, authentication and verification system or any other system that possesses API technology.

The pricing strategy includes an annual licence and maintenance fee, and is a robust one-stop shop solution that can offer the highest technological specifications, built with highest levels of efficiency through automation and highest level of security. It can be bridged with any third-party software via API, to transfer customer profile data as well as transactional data. System supports batch processing.

It has a number of high level reporting facilities offering a numerous number of reports to the compliance officer that are suitable for Executive Boards and Regulatory Reporting.

To see the features of the system please request a demo of the system or get in touch with us. A demo video is also available on the AMLex Website.

Are you interested in our AML Solution?

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